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XANA's Boutique was inspired by XANA from Aѕturіаn mуthоlоgу, a female of extraordinary beauty. Based in London, UK, XANA's Boutique want to be the premier global online lifestyle brand. With their ultimate goal to make young woman feel beautiful and confident and embrace the brand's one rule - Own It! 

XANA's Boutique's loyalty program, XANETTE's VIP, is their way of "staying super connected to their XANETTE community". They have created a tabless program with special perks and exclusive rewards to get their members excited to join.  

Here's what we love about their program:

💙  Their tabless program

XANA's Boutique's XANETTE's VIP is beautifully sewn into their online store in a way that's sure to get noticed by visitors. Not only is it part of their store's navigation, drawing their visitors eye with a cute trophy icon, they've added their program to their home page hero image slideshow. They've used emotive words, like "exclusive" and "amazing freebies" to get customers excited to join. 

💙  Their about us page

XANA's Boutique's about us page tells a story of the brand; why they started, their inspiration, their aspirations, and how much they love their customers. By introducing the XANETTE VIP program here, they've made their program an important part of their brand that lets their customers know that they recognize them for their loyalty to the brand!

💙  The way they reward their XANETTE VIPs

The XANETTE VIP members can earn points for 10 different actions. XANA's Boutique chose these actions to:  

  • Grow their social media following and activity
  • Encourage more friend referrals 
  • Get more product reviews
  • Build member relationships with birthday rewards

Features that XANA's Boutique are using: 

Shopify eCommerce Integration

Tabless Program

Loyalty widget 

Loyalty emails

Earn Tab

  • Create an account
  • Completing Profile
  • Member birthday
  • Referring friends
  • Like on Facebook
  • Follow Twitter
  • Follow Instagram
  • Sharing on Facebook
  • Tweeting on Twitter

Extra things XANA's Boutique are doing that we love:

Social media influencers & bloggers

XANA's Boutique are actively looking for influencers, and who better than their customers! They use Google Forms to capture customers' details and ask applicants a few questions. It's a clever initiative to get people talking about and promoting their store.  

Online store side banners

When scrolling through their online store, XANA's Boutique have created clever side banners to showcase other parts of their store. They have banners that encourage their customers to sign up for email newsletters, to show new arrivals, and exciting competitions. We think it's a creative way to capture customer details and encourage their customers to stay on their site longer.

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