Customers are automatically added to your loyalty program when they create a store account. 

When customers click to Create an Account on your loyalty widget, it sends them to create a store account. If store accounts are disabled in Shopify, they cannot create a loyalty account. 

Make sure that your Shopify Customer Account settings are set up to allow customers to create a store account.

How to update Shopify settings: Customer Accounts

1. In your Shopify Admin > Settings > Checkout

2. Under Customer Accounts, Select Accounts are Optional (recommended setting) or Accounts are required

3. Click Save

If you choose Accounts are Optional: Your customers will have the option to create an account at the end of the checkout process or sign-out as a guest. In both cases your customers will be added to your loyalty program, so they can earn points for their purchase.

📝 Note: If customer accounts are disabled is selected, no customers will be able to join your loyalty program through your loyalty widget.

This video demonstrates the journey of a customer signing up through your loyalty widget when customer account settings are set up correctly.

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