Make sure when customers checkout, they are added to your loyalty program and choose their default marketing opt-in settings. 

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Follow these recommendations to get the most out of your loyalty program

  • Shopify customer checkout settings
  • Shopify form option settings
  • Shopify marketing opt-in settings

Shopify customer checkout settings

Customers are automatically added to your loyalty program when they create a store account. They can do this by making a purchase in-store or online or by creating an account through your loyalty widget. 

To make sure that customers can create a store account, check your Shopify Customer Account settings.

Set your Shopify Customer Checkout settings to: Accounts are optional

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Shopify form option settings

For a customer to be successfully added to your loyalty program, the loyalty app requires the customer's First Name, Last Name and Email Address. Check your Shopify form option settings to make sure you are collecting this information. 

Set your Shopify Form Option settings to: Require first and last name

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Shopify marketing opt-in settings

Decide what your default is when it comes to sending customers emails. To make sure your members get your loyalty program emails, such as 'reward unlocked' emails, check your Shopify Order Processing settings. 

Set your Shopify Order Processing settings to: By default, customer agrees to receive promotional emails

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