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Merge tags allow you to automatically personalize your loyalty email messages. These tags generate personalized text that's specific to each member.

As a default, loyalty program emails use specific merge tags, relating to the email content.  It is recommended that you leave these merge tags in the email templates and edit the text around them.

In this article:

  • Types of merge tags
  • How to insert a merge tag

Types of merge tags you can include:

Your store details:

  • {{shop_name}} = Your store's name
  • {{points_label}} = Points label - What your store calls 'points'
  • {{call_action_button}} = Button with unique link back to member's loyalty profile open on your widget  

Members' details:

  • {{member_firstname}} = Member's first name
  • {{member_lastname}} = Member's last name

Members' loyalty activity:

  • {{points_amount}} = Member's points earned
  • {{points_balance}} = Member's current point balance
  • {{points_from_next_reward}} = Points needed to unlock next reward
  • {{next_reward_title}} = The next unlocked reward title
  • {{points_required}} = Points required to spend to redeem a reward
  • {{reward_title}} = Reward title
  • {{coupon_code}} = Unique reward coupon code
  • {{rewards_portal_url}} = Button with unique link back to loyalty widget

How to insert a merge tag

1. In the app admin, under Email Notifications

2. Click Preview & Edit on the email that you would like to update

3. Click Edit Template

Using your merge tags on the right side of the email builder:

4. Copy the merge tag you would like to add 

5. Click into your template and paste the merge tag 

6. Click Save Email in the bottom right corner

Your email template will then be updated. To preview your email with your merge tags, using fake data, click Send Test Email 

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