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  • How to set your create an account points reward
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How to set your Create an Account points reward

1. In your Loyalty for Shopify admin, go to Earning Points

2. Under Create an Account 

3. Click Edit

📝  Note: Make sure that Create an Account is toggled to on to be able to edit this.

4. Under How many points should be given, enter the number of loyalty points you would like to reward your members for creating a loyalty account 

5. Click Save

How it works - your customers' experience

A customer can join your loyalty program by making a purchase or by signing up through your loyalty widget. When they join they will automatically receive their creating an account points reward.  

If a customer already has a customer account with your store, they simply won't see the option to Create an Account in the Earn section of your loyalty widget.

💡 Pro Tip: Give your new members enough points for creating an account that they are close to unlocking their first reward. This will encourage them to spend again.

What's next?

> Track the performance of your Create an Account earn option
> Choose more ways members can earn loyalty points

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