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How to set reward points for Instagram follows

1. In your app admin, go to Earning Points

2. Under Following on Instagram, click Edit

📝  Note: Make sure that Following on Instagram is toggled to on to be able to edit this. 

2. Under How many points should be given? enter your loyalty points amount, based on how much you value this action

💡 Pro Tip: If you have a particular social media channel that you want to grow, set a higher points reward to encourage members to follow that one.

4. Enter your Instagram username

7. Click Save

How it works - your members' experience

When your members log in to their loyalty account and visit the Earn tab of your loyalty widget, they will see your Follow us on Instagram earn option. 

Clicking on the reward task will take them to your store Instagram page where they can start following you.

📝  Note: Your members will only receive points for Following on Instagram once. 

What's next?

> Choose more ways members can earn loyalty points

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