You can control at what point of a customer will earn loyalty points for their orders. 

As a default, they will earn points when the payment status of their order on Shopify is Paid.

You are able to add an additional requirement of Fulfillment Status so that you can withhold loyalty points until the order has been completely fulfilled.

Selecting Fulfilled or Partially Fulfilled from the drop-down will apply the rule that loyalty points will be rewarded when the status of an order is both Paid AND Fulfilled.

📝  Note: In the Orders section of your Shopify admin, you can see the payment and fulfillment status of orders.

This additional control for when points are rewarded can give your store extra protection from customers who cancel pending orders and still collect points, intending to abuse your reward system.

What's next?

> Adjust when points are rewarded for online purchases
> Adjust when points are rewarded for in-store purchases

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