If you are introducing a loyalty program into your store with an existing base of loyal customers, you can give them a head-start on their loyalty earning by rewarding them points for their past purchases.

In this article:

  • Converting historic spend into loyalty points
  • Manually adding loyalty points to individual customers
  • Bulk adding loyalty points to your member database

Converting historic spend into loyalty points

The best way to convert spend information is by exporting your customer information from Shopify and managing points within a spreadsheet.
> Find out how to export your customer database from Shopify

1. In your customer spreadsheet, identify the Total Spent column

2. Change the column title from Total Spent to Points

3. Highlight the column and change the number of decimal places to 0. This will give you a whole number that will now represent the number of points a customer will have earned based on their past purchases

📝  Note: This step applies in cases where $1 spent = 1 loyalty point. If your members earn more than 1 point per $ spend, you will have to multiply this column accordingly e.g. if $1 spent = 2 loyalty points, double the values in your Points column.

Also, keep in mind that the customers' 'Total Spent' will include any relevant tax and shipping fees. If you don't want to include this in their point total, a good rule of thumb is to reduce the Total Spent by 15% before converting it into loyalty points.

Manually adding loyalty points to individual customers

If, instead of awarding all customers, you have a few high-spending customers that you want to reward loyalty points to, the easiest method may be to manually adjust their points one-by-one.
Using the point totals, you calculated in the steps above, you can add their historic points manually and send them a personalized thank you message too!

> How to manually adjust a members loyalty points

💡 Pro Tip: If you're feeling particularly generous, why not add a few extra points on top? Show your historic customers that you really appreciate their loyalty and give them a little bump!

Bulk adding loyalty points to your member database

If you would like to reward loyalty points to a large portion/all of your customer database, you can use your updated spreadsheet to import customers/points in bulk.

1. In your loyalty app admin, go to Members

2. Click Actions in the top right corner

3. From the Actions drop-down, click Import customers/points

4. In the Import customers/points pop-up, click Choose File and select your customer database CSV file

5. Click Start Import

Your customer database import will start.
This import may take 10-20 minutes, depending on the size of your database.

📝 Note: When you import customers to your loyalty program with a point balance, they are considered as earning points and will become active members.

If you need a hand, please let us know at shopify-loyalty@collectapps.io or via the chat icon at the bottom right of your screen.

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