Create a rewards ladder with three or more rewards to encourage members to earn more and more points to spend on your rewards. Think about the types of rewards that will appeal to your members and that will work best for your store. 

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  • Loyalty program rewards ladder example

Types of rewards you can create:

Store credit: $ off their next purchase

Store discount: % off their next purchase

> Learn more about $ and % off rewards

A discount on a specific product or product collection: This is a good way to move stock and introduce your members to your different products, inspiring them to buy more in the future. Here's some ideas for the home & garden industry:

Other ideas:

  • 30% Off Lighting 💡
  • 15% Baby Essentials 🍼 
  • 10% Off Farm Theme Party Supplies 🚜
  • $30 Off Dolls Houses 🏠

Free product: Giving your members a free product is a great way to thank them for their loyalty. It delights them by creating the same feelings as receiving a gift. It’s also a great way to move stock.

> Learn more about creating specific product of product collection rewards

Note: To create a free product reward, follow the instructions for creating specific product or product collection rewards, with a discount of the exact price of the product. 

Free Shipping:  Encourage your members to make another purchase to benefit from free shipping.

> Learn more about free shipping rewards

Spend threshold: Encourage customers to spend more on their purchase to be able to take advantage of their discount. 


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