🔓 Product & collection point blacklisting is unlocked on plans: Advanced & Pro

Point blacklisting allows you to exclude certain products or product collections from your loyalty program. When a product or product collection has been blacklisted, members cannot earn loyalty points on those products or product collection items when purchased. 

Common reasons for blacklisting products are: 

  • Sale products - products that are already discounted
  • High-value products - products that have a high sale price, meaning members would earn points quickly in comparison with your other products. 
  • Low revenue products - products that you don't make much margin on
  • Certain brands - brands that do not allow discounts to be placed on them
  • Gift cards - to prevent a double up of points. This way the gift card buyer does not get the points. The customer who uses the gift card will earn the points if they become a loyalty member when they purchase. 

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