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How loyalty points are automatically rewarded for online purchases

When a logged-in member proceeds to checkout on your online store then completes a purchase, the sale will be recorded against their loyalty account. 

As a default, they will earn points when the sale status is Paid.

How to change when loyalty points are rewarded for online purchases

1. In your app admin, under Settings 

2. Go to Order Rewarding

3. Under Reward points when payment status is one of: click the text box to open the drop-down options 

4. Click the payment status option/s for when you would like to reward points

5. Click And when Fulfillment Status is one of

6. From the drop down, click your preferred Fulfillment Status option

If you would like members to earn loyalty points immediately after they make a purchase, leave the When Fulfillment Status is One Of field empty. This will reward points based on payment status alone.

💡 Pro Tip: The Fulfillment Status control can add extra protection to you from customers who may refund pending orders to abuse the loyalty point system.

7. Click Save at the bottom of the page

📝  Note: You must have Accounts are optional or Accounts are required checked in your Shopify Checkout Settings for members to earn points. 

How it works - Your customers' experience

When a member has completed a purchase, they will automatically be rewarded their loyalty points. 

If you have Collected Points Email Notifications turned on, they will automatically receive your email, notifying them of their updated points balance and how far away they are from their next reward.

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